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We like to say that Moloney Securities was built by experienced brokers – and built for experienced brokers.  We are a truly independent business model that operates free of the conflicts and quotas that come with being affiliated with a large corporation or wirehouse. We want all of our Financial Advisors to enjoy that same freedom.

When you join Moloney Securities, you have the freedom and opportunity to build your business as you see fit.  In addition, you have the ability to self brand your practice on our platform.  We value and respect your ability to serve the clientele you’ve cultivated with the branding that works best for you.

We offer a system to enhance your capabilities, not stand in your way.  With Moloney Securities, you can spend your time serving your clients, while we handle the compliance and regulatory issues, while also offering unmatched back office support from our fully series 7 licensed operations department.






More Support, Fewer Restrictions

Moloney Securities makes it a point to understand your business model and support it. We applaud our Financial Advisors who deliver their own brand of services to their clients. Our job is to support your business administratively, and work with you to ensure that your ideas and services are in compliance.

Our product platform is among the largest and most diverse in the industry and you are free to sell the investments that you believe are most appropriate for your clients. Period. We never pressure or influence you to sell certain investments, nor do we create our own products or require you to meet sales quotas.  


We simply believe that we all succeed when everyone operates in the client’s best interest.


Fee Based or Commissions – Your Choice

When you join Moloney Securities, you are free to choose how you charge your clients. You may operate as a fee-based advisory, charge commissions on transactions, or a combination of both.


The services you provide may or may not include managing a client’s assets yourself or outsourcing the management to a wide range of high quality, institutional money managers on our platform.  Either way, we will provide the expertise, technology and administrative resources for your business model to succeed.

Higher Payouts

Because our Financial Advisors are independent, we are able to provide a payout level (click here)that starts at 90% and after a certain level of annual production, increases to 95% (resetting every January 1st).  Your payout will be the same regardless of which products you sell, how much commission you charge or whether your practice is fee based or transactional.  Plus there are no haircuts on commissions if you choose to give a discount to your clients. The minimum commission is $0.00.


Limitations on Clients due to Account Size

Moloney Securities does not dictate the account size you must meet to interact directly with your clients. Though some of our fee-based programs have minimum account sizes in order to participate, our financial advisors can work directly with their clients, regardless of the size of the account.  There is no mandate to centralize these clients by forcing them to be turned over to an impersonal 800 number call center.  All clients – no matter the size – and all production – no matter the amount – will count toward your production and payout level.


No Surprises

Moloney Securities is completely transparent with our Financial Advisors.  Your compensation, expenses, compliance protection, products and services are always what we say they will be, now and in the future. In short, we deliver what we promise.

Grow Your Business Your Way

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